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The Hunger is a Kickstarter project created by The Comic Book Dealer. The Kickstarter Campaign Was Funded 203% With An Additional 7 Shop Exclusives For Issue 1 Outside Of The Kickstarter Campaign


Creator: Jordan Nigh
Writer: Garrett Gunn
Art: Stan Yak
Colours: Robert Nugent

Hunger is a distant memory. Humanity has evolved to survive off hydration and communities have gathered around bountiful, government controlled, fresh water springs in an otherwise destitute environment.

But humans are starting to have cravings again. Their bodies lusting for the taste and nourishment of food.

For meat.

A young woman with a haunting past provides for her community and cares for those she loves, in hopes of redeeming herself for her sins.


Humanity has evolved to survive off hydration and sought refuge in government controlled communities. Hope Springs provides shelter to the people and controls the distribution of water through its hydro officers. 

Alora, an hydro officer tasked with collecting the communities most valuable resource, water, and distributing it to the vulnerable members of Hope Spring's. one day after doing a hydro run Alora's mother becomes ill, Desperate for more water she rushes to the springs, only to discover her peaceful days within Hope Springs will never be the same again.

Created by The Comic book Dealer.

Brought to you from the creative mind of The Comic Book Dealer, The Hunger has been a project of passion. The Comic Book dealer is better known for their exclusive comic book covers and giveaways via Facebook. To join our community on Facebook simply click the button below.

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Written by Garrett Gunn.

Garrett Gunn is an American author known for his work in independent comics with publishers like Source Point Press.Gunn’s storytelling ventures started in 2013 with the release of his first comic, Days to Come. He has since produced a wide range of content and isn’t stopping any time soon. His latest project, Good Boy, co-written by Christina Blanch is proving to be a fan favourite surpassing $30,000 on their Kickstarter campaign.

Art by Stan Yak.

Stan Yak is a Russian artist who is going from strength to strength. known for his sellout covers on The Last Ronin #1 & #5 he is gaining well deserved recognition throughout the comic book industry. Having Stan on the interior art of The Hunger has brought to life our creation and its clear to see why, below.

Colours by Robert Nugent.

Robert is the genius behind the interior colours of the hunger, bringing Stan's artwork to life. he is a veteran of the comic book industry providing his talents on a wide range of interiors and covers.